Event Rules and Conditions

Futurity:  Open to all horses aged 5 years and under who have never competed in barrel racing for money, points or prizes prior to December 1 of the previous year. The futurity will include two long goes and an average payout with the 30% being paid in each long go and 40% being paid in the average. It will be a sweepstakes payout with the number of places paid to be determined by the total number of entries. Running order of the second long go will be a reverse of the first long go.

Derby:  Open to all horses aged 7 years and under who competed in futurity competition no more than two years ago. The derby will be a single go round and will be a sweepstakes payout with the number of places paid to be determined by the total number of entries.

Open:  Open to horses of all ages. Each race will be a divisional payout with five (5) divisions separated by 0.5 seconds. Place paid will be determined based on the total number of entries in each race utilizing the percentages used by the published Better Barrel Races 5D format.

AQHA Classes:  Open to AQHA registered horses subject to the rules and membership requirements of the American Quarter Horse Association.

American Qualifier:  Open to any horse and rider who is a Better Barrel Races member. Entry must be made online at BetterBarrelRaces.com and will include the event processing fee and roll-over to the Sunday Open 5D race.

Entry/Draw Out/Refunds:  Entry fees and deadlines will be published on the event entry forms. All futurity and derby entries are final and no refunds will be made for any reason. Pre-entries in the open races may draw out for any reason until the Wednesday one week prior to the event and receive a refund of fees except for the processing fee.

Substitutions:  Entries for the futurity and derby are based on the horse and therefore no horse substitutions will be allowed. Futurity and derby entries may substitute riders prior to the first go round only. Entries in the open are based on the rider and therefore no rider substitutions are allowed. Horse substitutions will be allowed in the open races prior to the start of each race.

Check-in:  All horses must check-in and show current negative coggins. Horses without proper documentation will not be allowed on the grounds. Horses entered in the futurity, derby and AQHA classes must also show registration papers at check-in and be numbered. See event schedule for check-in times.

Dress Code:  Western dress code will be enforced including a cowboy hat or safety riding helmet, long sleeve button down or snap front shirt with collar, long pants, and boots or equine sports shoes. If a contestant enters the arena without proper dress they will be given a no time.

Customary Tack:  A bridle (with a bit and/or a noseband), saddle, saddle pad or saddle blanket, protective foot and leg boots, tie-down, bonnet, martingales, split reins, draw reins, are all considered to be standard and customary articles of tack used in barrel racing. Contestants are prohibited from competing bareback, and/or bridle-less. Any articles of tack or performance enhancing gear which impede the ability to hip number horses or identify horses are prohibited in competition. Use of such prohibited tack or performance enhancing gear shall result in a disqualification with no refund of entry fees.

General Competition:  Contestants must check-in with holding pen coordinator during the drag prior to their run or they will be considered a scratch. Once a contestant’s name is called by the announcer they must enter the competition arena within 60 seconds.

Horses must maintain a forward motion once entering the arena gate. Intentionally stopping, circling or backing your horse inside the arena gate will result in a no time.

Any barrel knocked down will result in a five (5) second penalty in the futurity, derby, AQHA classes or American qualifier or a no time in the open divisional races.

Contestants are not to train or circle a barrel more than once during competition. Such behavior will result in a no time and the rider will be assessed a $25 fine payable prior to their making another run.

Reruns will not be given if a horse falls, is pulled up by the rider or in the event of a rider’s tack or equipment failure. A rerun will be given in the event of a timer failure with any penalties incurred during the original run applied.

Abuse:  Welfare of the horse and all animals is of utmost importance. Any abuse, neglect or inhumane treatment of any animal, during competition or in the warmup and stall area, will not be tolerated.

Safety:  Safety of contestants, spectators and animals is a prime objective at this event. Horses that could be dangerous to you or to others should not be brought to this event. Any horse deemed to be dangerous by the show management will be disqualified no refund of fees. Ardmore Barrel Futurity, its ownership, affiliates and sponsors do not assume responsibility for personal injury, loss, theft or damage. Contestants and all other parties recognize barrel racing is a hazardous sport and participate at their own risk.

Photography/Videography:  Ardmore Barrel Futurity retains all rights to every phone and/or video taken at and during the event. Contestants grant management the right to use any photographs or video taken of him/her during the event, including but not limited to those taken during competition or while otherwise attend the event, for publicity purposes. Contestants agree that no photographic or video images take of the competition or exhibition arena will be altered or copied without the express written consent of event management and the photographer/videographer. Contestants are expressly prohibited from taking pictures/videos of photographer/videographer proofs or recorded runs at the viewing booths unless approved by the event videographer or photographer. Press credentials are required for all commercial photographers or videographers on the host facility grounds during the event. Credentials can be obtained in the show office. Individuals without prior approval and proper press credentials will be asked to leave the premises.

Miscellaneous:  All horses overnighting on the grounds must be stalled. Overnight tying and/or portable pens are not allowed. Tying of horses in the warm-up areas is strictly prohibited. Horses left tied and unattended will be placed in a stall to be purchased by the horse owner.

The posting of signs, advertisements, posters, bumper stickers, or cards on any surface other than bulletin boards is prohibited. Event management reserves the right to remove any posted signs.

Selling of merchandise or professional services on the grounds, in stalls, or at trailers is prohibited unless you are a vendor contracted with the Ardmore Barrel Futurity.

Damage willfully caused to any property, i.e., stalls, barns, grandstands, etc. of event management, its representatives, the Host Facility or Host Hotel, shall be paid for by the contestant or their representative before being allowed to continue to participate at the event.



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